Set Sail for Summer with These Port Severn Boat Rentals

Picture of couple enjoying Port Severn boat rentals.

Set Sail for Summer with These Port Severn Boat Rentals

There’s possibly no better place to enjoy summer in Muskoka than on the water. Feeling the waves subtle movement beneath you, the sun warm on your shoulders, free to meander the lake’s surface—it’s all available to you when you stay at Christie’s Mill Inn & Spa. We’re located near several marinas and Port Severn boat rental establishments, so you’ll be out on the water in no time. 

Reasons to Consider Port Severn Boat Rentals

If you’re still thinking about things to do in summer in Muskoka, check out Port Severn boat rental options. When you rent a boat, you have more privacy, open access to explore the lake, create a bonding experience with your boatmates, and get plenty of fresh air. Plus, it’s an excellent way to go fishing as you don’t have to worry about tangling your line with another angler, and you’re more likely to have complete peace and quiet. We’ve assembled a list of boat rental establishments near our Port Severn hotel.  

  • Pier 69 rents pontoon and fishing boats on Georgian Bay. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore a portion of 2000 kilometers of relatively undeveloped shoreline and a plethora of inlets and little islands. 
  • Six Mile Lake Marina offers food and affordable boat rentals, which makes for a lovely picnic day on the lake. 
  • Port Severn Marina is available to those who brought their own boat and need a place to dock. 
  • Cast off from the hotel in a nonmotorized boat, like a canoe or kayak, from Christie’s Mill. Spend an afternoon paddling around Little Lake in Port Severn, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the local wildlife. 

Port Severn, Ontario: The Perfect Place for a Summer Getaway

Set sail from our cozy resort at Port Severn, Ontario. This Muskoka hosts a myriad of lakes and waterways waiting to be explored, making boat rentals a prime summer escapade. You’re sure to love spending a day on the lake before retiring to your comfortable room at Christie’s Mill Inn & Spa. Please contact us if you have additional questions regarding boat rentals in Port Severn or to make a reservation.